Monday, September 3, 2007

i love dishes

So i went into Anthropologie today. They have some of the cutest clothing and trinkets ever. My favorite part however, is the home decorating section; more specifically-DISHES :)

I invested in my first full set of dishes. They are bright green, hand-painted plates. Salad plates and bowls too! Then I topped off my invigorating purchase with some adorable cups. I am not sure if there is a single person in the world who loves shopping for dishes as much as myself.

Next on the list, coffee cup/tea pot set....Check it out!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

new friends...

So after all the drama with my friends from high school, i feel like i've moved on and it's all behind me.

I'm back in the city after an awkward summer trapped in a small town within miles of my ex-besties. It was such a hard summer for me...being on my own and having no friends to really lean on. I decided to get out of the lease I had signed with those girls and I moved in with a new roommate, we'll call her Cariñosa. (spanish for loving)

I started hanging out with my neighbors from last year... we hung out mostly on weekends and studied together during the week. They are a riot...mostly latinos and a few random others. They are great because they give you a hug when they see you no matter what, dance all the time, and can always make you laugh. We fell in love with these new friends. Cariñosa and I were having a blast and I rarely think about my other friends. Of course i have had the random run ins with the old besties but it was never any big deal.

The things I've learned are so valuable to me. I feel like I finally have friends who truly will be there for me always. I never had that. Cariñosa has proven to be a more caring friend than I've ever had. Truth be told, she is incredibly messy and we won't be roommates forever. :) I have a feeling that we will always be friends though.

By the way, I have been a little negligent and should let everyone know that Madtown Man and I are over. It just fizzled after I went to California......... boys will be boys!

Monday, June 4, 2007

They always turn up at the most unexpected times...

It has officially been too long...but there is good news! There are new prospects! I really like him :D

Madtown Man is half Puerto Rican so he has dark features. Very athletic and confident. Not too confident tho...he has a quiet, modest side.

We always hung out when I was in school, and shamelessly flirted, making stupid jokes-most with some sort of sexual connotation. He never put much effort into anything more between the two of us and so I didn't either. It was harmless and I never thought too much of it becuase it was that "just for fun" date. There was always a flirtation but nothing serious came out of it until very lately.

I found out why he never made a move. He's a virgin, drinks only the legal amount, and does his own thing. He could never be called a skeez, a slob, or clingy. Needless to say-he's awesome!

As a side note I want to say that---Maybe the whole virgin idea should be common at the young age of 20-but in my opinion. It couldn't be more uncommon then if I was pushing 25.

So we kept in touch as I moved back up north to the city. I loved it because I just let him contact me....I got attention and I loved it. :) I visited my friends and saw him a few times before summer came. Then, he moved out to San Francisco for the summer to work. It was a little sad because I though summer would have been good timing to see where it would go.

Then he invited me out to SF. At one point he even offered to pay for it! (I thought that might include some level of committment so I declined) Now I am planning a trip out to California with a friend. I am excited to see him and my friend as well. Yet another American city to add to my list! What a great reason to be unattached love interest.

I remain the least interested of the two and I am still enjoying the attention. I mean, what right minded gal doesn't?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Start with goodbye...

Recently I experienced a falling out with two of my closest friends. Something happened to me personally, forgive me for not going into detail, but it put the ultimate strain on my life about a year ago. I was suddenly unaware of what kind of person I was, and who I was to become. It happened a year ago and I struggled through it and came out on top.

A year has passed and it has come back to haunt me. The original incident involved my friend, the Behemian, in a second-hand way. Instead of being there for me and helping me through it, she turned into the ultimate enemy. She pushed blame onto my shoulders and instead of my problems being MY problems, it turned into HER unfortunate, personal issue. She proclaimed that we could no longer be friends after "What I did to her", which again, was nothing directly. In her rage she called me by some of the worst labels a person can be given and basically made me relive my personal struggle all over again.

She went so far as to say that I need to get over myself and realize that, "For once, this isn't about me." I'm on the other end thinking, "Something bad happens to ME, and one of my "best friends" gets mad at ME for it, and blames ME. How, may I ask is this not about me?" I'm not proud of it and I wish it was about someone else!

My other good friend is an innocent bystander that knew of my dilemma all along. She knew that it affected my other friend and urged me never to say anything. Something else happened recently and this friend told me, 'If you EVER decide to tell the bohemian, I will be there to back you up no matter what."

A month or so later, I couldn't help but tell the Bohemian because she was my friend and although I knew it would hurt her for a while, I thought she could understand what I went through and be there for me.

Instead, she didn't understand at all, as explained in the beginning. To top things off, my other so-called "best friend" turned around and basically took the Bohemian's side! So both of my friends are turning on me in my time of need. What to do?

I'm a strong girl. What I went though probably made me stronger...but this has to be one of the hardest things I've ever done. I'm turning my back on the past. I went through a hell-bound relationship with a man, and now again, I've discovered, with my two closest friends. I've realized that I was more of a friend than either of them was to me.

I know I will always have my family and I have made new friends that actually care and understand. And instead of resting in the past and sulking over lost memories and the people I once cared for, I'm saying goodbye to the past and hello to an exciting future!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Summer Guy goes creepy...

So I finally met up with Summer Guy this past weekend! It was a total let down too. Sad...I actually thought this one had the potential to be cool.

I went south for a few days to visit some friends. He called just to chat and said he was in town too. So, he told me to meet him at this party. I went and he was not just drunk, it was worse....he was inebriated to the n-th degee.

Drunkenness doesn't always bother me but he was all of a sudden one of those creepy guys. Staring for way too long, trying to hold my hand, kissing my hand. You get the picture...

I'm a little confused because I met him sober, and he totally wasn't a creeper. Since then we've talked about just about anything and everything and, still, no creepy vibe. However, this weekend, he defined the term.

I need to slowly get away without being mean. I know he has feelings for me....but after this weekend, I can't stomach it!

Friday, May 11, 2007

My Music Addiction

Does anyone else feel like that associate people, things, and experiences to songs WAY too much?

Today I hit shuffle on the iPod so I could re-discover some of those songs I haven't listened to in a while. I found myself on an emotional rollercoaster. From sad, then on the happy side, optimistic, then sad again.

Songs about B man are the worst. There are two different kinds. There are songs that just make me miss him. "Our song" came on. That song wasn't one of those sappy love songs that we slow danced to but instead was one of those "Jam out in the car" songs. We lived about an hour apart and spent a lot of time in the car together. I just missed the fun we had in those three lighthearted minutes. It made me happy, but sad that the good side of our relationship didn't last. The other song was the song that came on randomly one other came on the radio when I was driving home from breaking up with him. I had "Breakin' Me" by Jonny Lang on repeat the whole way home. I mean seriously!

The next song that came on brought me back to my roots. LFO's "Summer Girls." I couldn't help but think back to my years in Middle School when boys and boy bands ruled my life. I laughed out loud.

Then on came Sheryl Crow's "Soak Up The Sun." Gotta love life when the hippy singer belts out the words "I'm gonna soak up the sun, I'm gonna tell everyone to lighten up." That's my new car jam...feel good summer songs. *sigh*

Then the country song comes on that makes me think of Summer Guy. He and I still talk almost daily via AIM or facebook. He's So so great....I can't let it go. I've got to meet this guy again.

Needless to say, music makes me think. Sometimes it's annoying, I can't just flip on backround music without listening to every lyric and aligning it with my own life.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Summer Guy

Last summer I went on a trip with one of my best friends. We went to a resort for a weekend and were looking forward to a weekend laying in the sun with our margaritas and girl talk. What I didn't expect is to meet a guy....especially to meet a guy I can't forget.

We met them in the pool, it was Summer Guy and three of his friends. We all went on the waterslides and sat in the hottub. I made a connection with Summer Guy and had some really great conversation for a first meeting. Later, when we were waterlogged my friend and I decided to go eat so we made plans to see the guys later.

We met up with them and they told us to come play laser tag with them. The resort had a really awesome place, totally reminded me of the paintball scene in the movie Failure to Launch, except in the dark. Anyway...Summer Guy and I basically spent the whole time shooting at each other. Childishly fun flirting-It was great. After I "killed him" about 25 times our time ran out and we all went into a bar area to sit and socialize. At the end of the night we all parted ways. No numbers exchanged and to be quite honest, that bothered me.

In the morning, my friend and I each had a note with the concierge from two of the guys. He left his number.

Creepy? No I was a sucker and called him. He lived a good 6 hours away and it was an improbable relationship. We continued talking, multiple times a week sometimes for an hour or more. We got to know each other extremely well and always meant to see each other again.

Last fall I had a run in with B man and that put Summer Guy on the back burner. Not sure why I did that because Summer Guy was SO much cooler than B man. Can't have regrets though. I decided to attend college in the same city as Summer Guy and we talked about getting together. Neither of us really made that big of an effort.

Since then the whole B man thing ended for good and I tranferred schools. Now I'm back to being 5 hours away. I still talk to Summer Guy all the time. We talked about why we never made an effort to see each other and the consensus was that we were just too nervous. Plus, neither of us had a vehicle to drive across town. But still, it was JUST across town!

Although he and I lack the physical side of a relationship, he is very close to being one of my best friends. He makes me laugh, understands how I feel, and always makes an equal amount of effort. We've both dated since and talked about it. We aren't waiting around for each other but we both know that we compare other relationship prospects to the one we have already.

I have no idea when or if we will see each other again or what it would feel like to meet the person that knows everything about me but has only seen me once. I also wonder what exactly I have with him. I said "best friend" earlier but I know it is more than a friendship. At the same time though, we have never hung out together! What the hell is it? I don't know if I'll ever know exactly.